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Shinai Accessories

Find here the different accessories for your shinai, such as tsuba, tsuru, takumi, meikyo ...

Customize and maintain your kendo equipement with
accessories from the brand Meirin .

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Item     Brand    Price   
Tsubadome Gome Meirin
2.00 EUR 
Tsuba Hi Zex Meirin
2.00 EUR 
Sakishin Gome Meirin
2.00 EUR 
Tsuru (Nylon) Meirin
3.00 EUR 
Tsuba Pvc Colorful Meirin
4.00 EUR 
Nakayui Leather Meirin
4.00 EUR 
Transparent Tsuba Meirin
5.00 EUR 
Sakigawa Good Quality Meirin
9.00 EUR 
Tsubadome Convex Meirin
9.00 EUR 
Suberazu Meirin
10.00 EUR 
Tsubadome Leather Meirin
25.00 EUR 
Sanding Stone Meirin
19.00 EUR 
Meikyo (Rebate Plane) Meirin
20.00 EUR 
Fudo Tsubadome Leather Meirin
25.00 EUR 
Suburiko Meirin
25.00 EUR 

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