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Wakizashi - Unique pieces

Masamune Team presents the category 'Antiques Wakizashi' for sale !

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Wakizashi 脇差 and Kodachi 小太刀, Japanese short sword, also called the 'best friend of the samurai', which was used to do Seppuku ceremony (Hara-kiri). Through this worlwide famous craft, go through over a thousand years of history, from Heain periios with le legendary Koto (古刀, ancient swords) sword period, though the abundant Shinto (新刀, New swords) period, and to finish with the prestigious Shinshinto period (新々刀, New swords revival).

To avoid dangerous handling and preserve the swords, katana presented are exposed to our shop in a securised vitrine. Also, any session handling, assembly, disassembly and presentation of appointment will be charged
60 €(refunded if

For more information, appointments or price request, please contact us by phone at 09 62 24 29 31
or mail at
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Item     Brand    Price   
Wakizashi - Gassan Den - Koto
4 500.00 EUR 
Wakizashi - Mumei Bizen Shirasaya
2 900.00 EUR 
Wakizashi - Fujiwara Saneyuki
4 900.00 EUR 
Wakizashi - Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi
2 900.00 EUR 
Wakizashi - Shinano No Kami Nobuyoshi
3 300.00 EUR 
Product unavailable.
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Wakizashi - Sukekane - Sold
Wakizashi - Kanetake - Sold
Wakizashi - Tadayoshi - Sold
Wakizashi - Noritsugu - Sold
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