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Armor Bogu Set

The armor as we know it today, is the result of a set of reflections Japanese Sensei to continue practicing Kendo.

The armor of the samurai was composed of several elements: the helmet (Kabuto), the mask (the Mempo), protection for the throat (Gorgerin), a breastplate, sleeves, gauntlets, waders, of leggings.

This heavy and imposing armor was intended to protect the samurai in combat and impress enemies.

Discover our range of armor for the practice of kendo made by the brand Meirin, based in Osaka.

The kendo armor comes in three stitches: 6 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm.

All armor complete or retail is made to measure.

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Armour N°3 Stitch 6 mm Meirin
785.00 EUR 
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Armor N°4 Stitch 5 mm Meirin
1 380.00 EUR 
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Armor N°6 Stitch 3 mm Meirin
1 815.00 EUR 
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