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Ko Wakizashi - Sue Bizen No Kuni Ju Osafune

Wakizashi - Unique pieces

Ko Wakizashi - Sue Bizen - Bizen No Kuni Ju Osafune Kiyomitsu Saku 



Ko Wakizashi - Bizen no Kuni Ju Osafune Kiyomitsu Saku "備前国住長船清光作"
Dated : 天正二年八月日 - An auspicious day of August, the 2nd year of Tensho era (1574)
Total Weight 0.608 kg
Weight without Saya 0.477 kg
Blade Weight 0.370 kg
Full length
Naked Blade (Toshin)
48.5 cm
Nagasa 37.5 cm
Tsuka Length 15.0 cm
Sori (curvature) 0.58 cm (small curvature)
Kissaki Length n/a (Hirazukuri, no Yokote)
Moto Haba 3.10 cm
Saki Haba n/a (Hirazukuri, no Yokote)
Moto Kasane A= 0.79 cm
B = n/a (Hirazukuri, no Yokote)
Mesures Moto & Saki Kasane
Saki Kasane A= 0.55 cm
n/a (Hirazukuri, no Yokote)
Curvature Very small Koshi Zori
Type Kissaki Ō Kissaki Hira Zukuri (no Yokote)
Blade Structure Hira Zukuri or Yoroi Doshi Zukuri (Flaat sides, no shinogi, nor Yokote)
Mune Iori mune (Triangular)
Hamon Chu Suguha, Avec Hotsure, Nijuba…
Hada Itame / Mokume, Chikei can be seen
Boshi Ko maru (circular returning in a small circle), with a long returning (Kaeri) on the Mune
Nakago Ubu (unaltered), signed on the Omote, dated on the Ura side. A Mekugi Ana, overall shape shape Bizen Gata (Shiribari Gata style). End in Ha Agari Kurijiri (Dissymetrical U) Yasurime Katte Sagari (light diagonal).
Saya 130g Saya, 40.8 cm, lacquered in Chaishime (matte brown) style, Kurigata in horn, inlay in the lacquer of Vine leaves and fans with golden leaves. Kogatana location. Koiguchi, Kojiri and Ura Gawara as a set parts. Nanako surface Vine leaves and fans motives.

Fuchi Kashira)
Aikuchi type mounting, without Tsuba
- Tsuka : 83g, 15cm length, no braiding. Full galuchat of high quality.
- Menuki, Nakano surface, 5 golden motives in Gosan Kiri Mon (Pawonia leaves in 3-5-3)
- Fuchikashira : Set with the parts of the sheath (Koiguchi, Kojiri and Ura Gawara), Nakano surface, Vine leaves and fans motives.
- Habaki : 24g in gilden copper, verticals yarusi
- Mekugi : black colored buffalo horn
Team Review
Very stylish Aikuchi mounting, with a set Tosogu. This short blade shape in Hira Zukuri with a slight zori (curvature), is typical from the 1350 to 1580 times. It is to be noted that the usual hirazukuri blades from these times were scarcely longer than a 35 cm Nagasa. This Ko Wakizashi, with its 37.5 cm Nagasa length is so a rare blade. It is a late product of the Osafune village. This village and its smithes were devastated with the 1590 floods of the Yoshii river, striking the end of the Osafune productions. This Bizen tradition is nonetheless one of the most prolific and much appreciated by collectors. There is a flaw / Kizu : Ware, fine opening in the steel in the middle of the blade, nearby the Hamon. This kind of opening is quite common and is due to a lack of welding between the  Kawagane layers.

A very nice set, a rare occasion. A must to buy.

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