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Bokken Classic

  All Bokken of this range proposed by Masamune are made in Kyushu with Japanese wood and crafted in the traditionnal way.

  Aramaki's workshop, located in southern Japan, is reknowned for the excellence of their products. Using the noblest parts of the finest wood of Japan, respecting the drying time of each species, hand working, without chemical treatment or varnish, these weapons have no equal in terms of finish and longevity.

Besides the rarity of used wood and recognized know-how of these craftsmen, Masamune benefits of the best products of these workshops. Also, all our weapons are inspected and checked before being shipped.

  In this selection you will find the Aramaki bokken of classic shape that can be used in all styles of practices.

 Masamune also offers custom wooden weapons. For more information please contact us.

The Masamune Team.

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