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All the wooden weapons offered by Masamune are manufactured in Kyushu in Japanese wood and handmade.

The Aramaki & Horinouchi workshops, located in southern Japan, are renowned for the excellence of their products. Using the most noble parts of the best Japanese wood, respecting the drying time of each species, working by hand, without chemical treatment or layers of varnish, these weapons have no equal in finishing and longevity . Mr. Aramaki, with whom we have worked since our beginnings, has also won a award for best craftsman in Japan.

Apart from the rarity of the woods used and the recognized know-how of these artisans, Masamune benefits from the best products of these workshops. Also, all our weapons are inspected and checked before being shipped.

Masamune also offers custom wooden weapons. For more information, contact us.

The Team Masamune.

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