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Furoshiki (風呂敷) are square piece of japanese cloth, they can be used to pack any type of object by simply folding them or with one or two knots.

Born in feodal Japan, furoshikis were used by feodal lords to carry their clothes and ustensils for bath. Their became widespread to the people and the merchants who used them to protect and transport their goods.

Furoshiki are traditionnaly made of cotton or silk, but now they also can be made of synthetic materials. Furoshiki made a come back in Japan where the use of these "eco bags" is encouraged by the Ministry of Environment. Of square shape and a size from 45x45 to 120x120 cm furoshikis can be used to carry or elegantly pack small objects or important volume of shopping. They are also used as wall decorations.

Martial arts practitionner will adopt easily these simple square of cloth woth multiple uses who allow them to carry their practice uniform. Whereas the big models easily contain a keikogi, a hakama, a obi, sansdals and a towel, smaller ones can be used to transport separatly zoori or hakawa in a classic sports bag.

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