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Special offer 'Club' Masamune

You are a member of an association, a club, a social center, an independent teacher ...
Your goal is to find quality equipment , materials that improves the lives of your members .
You also want a quality customer service, organized by and for practicing.

Our team, composed of practicing and teachers, is there to advise and guide you in your purchases . Explore and find the biggest Japanese brands for martial arts, Iwata, Tokyodo, Mitsuboshi , Sakuraya, Aramaki, Horinouchi... Strength, reliability, quality of finish, comfort, durability over time, our products have no equal. We have at heart to share and help you to acquire this high quality material, which is why we offer this offer 'Club' up to -25 % discount on our equipment.

The customized offer for all our equipment mainly depends on the following factors:
- The type of equipment required (Various Discounts following providers )
- The quantity
- The rate of Yen (We purchase by Yen, our reductions depend on the rate of the Nippon currency)

If our material interests you , we invite you to contact us
by mail or telephone to establish a free quote adapted to your needs.

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Customization Service

Customize your equipment with the image of your workgroup, your Club or Association!
We offer you to customize your products through marking services of our suppliers. We offer the main labeling techniques according to your need : embroidery for textiles and engraving for wooden weapons .

You can contact us for a quote for customized weapons and hakama keikogi you order in the context of Special Order 'Club' , contact us!

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Good practice ,

The Masamune Team
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