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Wakizashi - Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi

Wakizashi - Unique pieces

Wakizashi - Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi 

2 900.00 EUR 
3 233.50 USD 


Wakizashi -  Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi "関善定兼吉" - Gimei
Shinto - Edo Period
Total Weight 0.582 kg
Weight without Saya 0.442 kg
Blade Weight 0.270 kg
Full length
Naked Blade (Toshin)
52.2 cm
Nagasa 39.75 cm
Tsuka Length 15.3 cm
Sori (curvature) 1.45 cm
Kissaki Length 3.0 cm
Moto Haba 2.40 cm
Saki Haba 1.55 cm
Moto Kasane                     A = 0.57 cm
                    B = 0.60 cm
Mesures Moto & Saki Kasane
Saki Kasane                     A = 0.39 cm
                    B = 0.41 cm
Curvature Koshi Zori with Fubari (Curve to the first third of the blade, enlarged base )
Type Kissaki Ō Kissaki (wide length) Yamato type
Blade Structure Shinogi Zukuri (diamond shape) possibly in Naginata Zukuri type
Mune Iori mune (Triangular)
Hamon Midare with Gunome and Togari Hapon (Waves with pointed and ordered Gunome tops)
Hada Masame / Itame with Chikei (linear and wavy veins with slightly dark shiny patterns in Ji).
Boshi Kaeri Boshi (flame shape motive)
Nakago Ubu (unaltered), Signed "関善定兼吉", "Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi" Gimei, 1 Mekugi Ana, Yasurime Taka no Ha (eagle feather) in Ichimonji Gata shape ; End in Ha agari Kurijiri
Saya Lacquered saya in brown/burgundy. Relief of wood bark with Uzumaki (swirls). Weight 107g. Length 42 cm. Kurigata and Koiguchi in horn. metal Kojiri with very fine floral patterns.

Fuchi Kashira)
- Seppa : 2 serrated seppa 2x 5g in gilded copper
- Habaki : 15g in silvered copper, relief of thin Yoko Yasuri (horizontal lines)
- Tsuba : 66g, 6.45 x 6.7 x 0.52 cm, Maru Gata with Sukashi in star, wave and maple patterns, rounded shapes
- Menuki : flowers (Tsubaki) and gilded  leaves.
- Fuchi Kashira in steel, gilded edgings with ivy motifs. Faceted (5) Kashira
- Tsuka : 80g and 15.3cm long, silk Tsumami Maki braiding, beautiful Stingray formed bluish leather
Team Review
Study :
Blade of Yamato Den type, fine blade and lenghtened Seki Zenjo Kissaki.
General characteristics of the Zenjo school : graceful forms, High Shinogi, Thin Mune, Hadamokume/Masame, Suguha quenching line or Gunome/midare, Boshi in Omaru or Ichimonji Kaeri.
The signature 'Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi' 関善定兼吉 is referring to the Zenjo School, founded by Kaneyoshi. The founder lived during the end of 14th century to the beginning of 15th century (Muromachi) and camed from the Yamato Tegai School. He moved to Mino and founded the Zenjo school, refering to his buddhist name.
He then changed the kanji Kane '包' by the now know kanji Kane
'兼' amongs the Mino-den swordsmiths. This school will keep many characteristics from the Sue-Tegai school, and lasted until the 20th century
Another great Zenjo Kaneyoshi was the origin of the restart of the Mino smiths after the Hattorei crisis : Kosaka Kaneyoshi. Born in february 1837, he died in 1914 at the age of 78 years. He learned the smithing from his father and his uncle, both withnamed Kaneyoshi, and he worked at the creation fo the Seki Toren Tanren Jo (関刀剣鍜錬) in 1907, as to preserve japanese swordsmithing. This smithing-center gave many Gendaito swordsmiths.

Team Review :
Very nice set with a very elaborated koshirae. This sword is a very fine blade for a young samurai. These blades were often signed with very famours smiths even it wasn't really made by these big names.
The blade keep nonetheless its elegance with its lightness and balance.


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