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Shinai assembled

Discover our wide selection of shinai from the Japanese Meirin supplier.
Our Meirin supplier based in Osaka, puts all its know-how in the manufacture of shinai. Quality at the service of the practice.

The shinai made its appearance in the dojo in the XII century. This bamboo sword is the representation of katana. Composed of four bamboo slats, three pieces of leather and nylon thread to represent the back of a sword.
The shinai allows to carry real assaults during the training of kendo.

Shinai are classified according to their forms: Standard, Jissengata, Kotogata, Kobangata, Dobari Jissengata, Dobari Kobangata.
Shinai have different shapes, some are more suitable for competition, others are more interesting to develop the technique.
One chooses his kendo shinai according to his style of practice. It is advisable to work with different forms of shinai in order to get out of its comfort zone.

The bamboo varieties used for the manufacture of shinai are mainly Madake (Japan) and Keichiku (Taiwan - China)

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