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Shinken - Modern Japanese Sword

The Masamune Team is proud to offer you a real Japanese sword sharpened and with traditional craftsmanship.

Forged blades in Japan, type Kobuse Kitae combining 2 types of modern steels. A soft steel core 1060 surrounded by hard steel 1095 with a hardness index of 62 HRC. This alloy allows to combine a certain flexibility with an incredible edge.

The Shinken, "New sword", although the characters 剣 剣 mean "Genuine Sword", is the name of sharpened sword of modern design but realized by respecting the traditional stages. It is therefore more accessible than a traditional blade or forge, costing at least 5,000 to 20,000 euros. Masamune allows you to acquire a traditional "symbol" of the Japanese warrior class but also a high quality work tool made to measure for a very affordable price.
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Customizable Shinken
3 000.00 EUR 
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Customized Shinken - Ao Kenkanryu - Sold
3 250.00 EUR 
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