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The tenugui is a traditional towel with multiple uses. Made in a lightweight cotton it is generally 36 cm wide and has a variable length. Insignificant but omnipresent object of everyday life until the seventies it is now an aesthetic symbol of traditional Japanese life.

The two most common uses of tenugui are those of towel for body and face or headband for traditional craftsmen and cooks. When used as such it is more commonly called hachimaki.

It is also used by Kendo players who, by folding it in a precise way and putting it on the head use it to absorb the sweat and soften the wearing of the helmet.

Tenugui is also an integral part of traditional Japanese festivals, the Matatsuri, where many participants wear one on the forehead, especially if they pull or carry the portable altars, omikoshis.

Whether you want to use it for your martial arts, like handkerchiefs, towels or decoration, the tenugui will put an elegant Japanese touch in your daily life.
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