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Toyokuni : samourai (brun) 

Toyokuni : samourai (brun)
2 200.00 EUR 
2 453.00 USD 

Utagawa TOYOKUNI I 1769-1825

Standing actor in brown kimono, hiding a lantern in his sleeve 

Signed : Toyukuni Ga

Editor : Yamado Sanshiro

Collection mark

Formerly in Carlhian collection

Hosaban 31,6 x 14,3 cm

Utagawa Toyokuni, son of a carver of dolls and puppets, studied with Toyoharu, founder of the Utagawa school. In recognition of his artistic ability, Toyokuni later took the name Utagawa Toyokuni, following the common practice of using one syllable of his master's name. He became the most eminent member of the Utagawa school. He first produced portraits of young women, book illustrations, and then devoted himself to the portraits of theater actors, both on stage and in private life.

He acquired the monopoly on yakusha-e portraits (actors of Kabuki) that the Utagawa school kept until the end of the nineteenth century.

His style was very personal and somewhat mannerist and his power of expressing emotions in actor portraits was a great success. Former pupils of his, include his adopted son Toyokuni II and Utagawa Kunisawa who later took the name of Toyokuni III.

This print belonged to the André Carlhian collection (1883-1967), an antique dealer, a renowned decorator and a collector. From 1906, he directed the Société Carlhian et Cie, whose object was interior decoration and furniture trade, specialized in French interiors of the 18th century with branches in Buenos Aires, Cannes, London and New York. 

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