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The Zoori are traditional Japanese sandals, their quality is the fruit of knowledge handed down from one hundred and fifty years and dating back to the Edo period.

Comfortable and elegant are the essential companion of every martial arts. Essential go to the changing rooms at tatami, they are also perfectly suited for use in daily life.

The Zoori can be wear as west sandals, full heel resting on the sole, but also to the traditional Japanese way, while far exceeding the heel at the back. This needs to adopt the traditional Japanese way of walking, weight slightly forward. This approach quite confusing initially will quickly become a valuable part of your martial practice. It will improve your movements and posture

                          Port Occidental    Port Traditionnel

                                                West Port                                      
Traditional Port
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Danseï Igusa Kuromaru zoori
Starting from 24,00€
Dansei Igusa Aomaru
Starting from 28,00€
Josei igusa zoori
Starting from 24,00€
Kitatami shiromaru zoori
Starting from 24,00€
Kitatami kuromaru zoori
Starting from 24,00€
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